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Jean-Pierre van Zyl

B.Optom M.Com (RAU)

JP enjoys working with his hands, fixing, repairing, designing and manufacturing spectacle frames, with an environmental awareness.

Jean-Pierre achieves minimizing his carbon footprint, by offering options to recycle old spectacles and he walks or cycles to work as often as he can.

He’s always had 20/10 vision, and tried alternative treatment options, which he based on the Bates methodology on natural vision to preserve sight. He aims to understand the problem, before offering treatment, whether main stream or alternative solutions.

In his spare time, Jean-Pierre enjoys spending time with his friends and family, experimenting with cooking, and fixing things around the house.

Theresa Swart

Theresa has been working in optometry for more than 18 years.  She committed, compassionate, hard-working, loyal, kind and a good communicator.

“My experience in Optometry is when I started working for Jean-Pierre at eyeREstore. He has taught me so much about optometry and the love of vintage, old style and antique eyewear… For me, I will only wear frames from ‘years gone by’…eyeREstore has re-stored my life!”