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Restore your vision, restore your spectacles, restore your outlook with timeless eyewear and lenses. Challenge the conventional, restore your mind with expert advice and care.


Customized spectacles
Hand-made, software designed, frames from wood, vinyl, acetate and other materials are crafted for a bespoke fit and style.

Customized lenses
Simple single vision lenses with basic high quality coatings and hand tinted lenses, to individualized multifocal and smart lenses are sourced from the best manufactures world-wide are to meet your needs.

Aside from ensuring they’re compliant with our environmentally sustainable focus, we have no restriction on which suppliers we use, but offer the best product for each customer’s needs.

Our showroom
More than a few hundred frames, consisting of vintage, refurbished, new and hand-made frames are displayed in our beautiful showroom, along with a local artist, making our showroom an art gallery, rather than a store.

Contact lenses
Most soft, disposable, daily and extended wear contact lenses are available, though these lenses are lately available online.  We take care that the best possible fit, after care and accurate prescription is maintained.

We also offer a range of cleaning solutions and eye care products to complete your needs for contact lenses

Eye care
Refractions with sophisticated automated equipment, with the combination of conventional analogue and mechanical equipment is performed to provide not only accurate refractions, but also pathology screening for glaucoma, anterior eye disease and ocular tomography screenings for solid internal eye examination.

Our hands-on approach to fixing, modifying and restoring spectacles are performed both on and off site, with a part inclusive laboratory and an all-inclusive-of-site-manufacturing plant. If we cannot fix it, we will offer an alternative to meet your needs.